Faith & Inspiration

The Butterfly Circus


The following short movie is one of the best short movies I have ever seen. It really beautifully touches on the subject of identity, potential and the importance of words.

I have used it for a reflection session at work and with a group of young people in church. Next week I am going to use it for a session about potential with a group of 18-year-old girls.

The following questions may help you to reflect on the film. Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments section of this page:

1. Will, the ‘limpless man’, is day in day out introduced as: ‘A perversion of nature. A man, if you could even call him that, whom God himself has turned his back upon.’
What effect do these words have on his life?
What kind of things have people called out over your life and what effect did this have?

2. The Circus Director tells Will: ‘Yes, you do have an advantage. The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.’
How do you relate to this?

3. At some point in the movie, Will asks for help. He can’t get up on his own. The Circus Director decides to leave him alone. ‘I think you’ll manage’ is what he says.

Have you ever been in a position where you felt unable to achieve something on your own? What made you carry on?


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