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Why I got a Mentor


One of the people who has been encouraging me to do more writing is my mentor, or a posh term is ‘spiritual director’. I have been meeting with him over the last two years, about every two to three months.

I really enjoyed being on maternity leave after my daughter was born. Here in England they are very generous and I was given nearly a whole year off! I felt privileged to be able to spend so much time getting to know my child, doing lots of activities with her and meeting up with other mums.

But there were also moments that I found it challenging to be at home all day every day. I was constantly busy getting baby to sleep, eat, play, etc. Just the basic but important things of life. There were times that I missed the opportunity to express some of my ideas and creativity. Or to chat with other adults about my dreams and things I want to achieve in life.

So when I got the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director, I didn’t have to think about it twice. I first met him at a quiet day for spouses of priests, organised by Rochester Diocese. The diocese actually has a whole network of people who are available to meet with people and walk alongside them.

Nothing special happens when we meet. I just get to share what is on my heart and reflect on it. At the end of the meeting we pray. I feel privileged to know someone who is willing to stand alongside me, listen to all my thoughts and reflections and maybe give me some advice or direction.

Do you have a mentor or is this something you would find helpful? I am curious to hear your thoughts!

And for other mums out there: what helps you to keep on expressing your passions while enjoying looking after your children at the same time? 


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