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Meditation through Breastfeeding

PeaceON PEACE AND Being at Peace

It is three o’clock in the afternoon. As I am writing this I am sitting on the rocking chair in Little Man’s room. He has just fallen asleep in his bed next to me and looks so peaceful.

Music is playing in the background. It is in Dutch, by a band called Sela. I shared this piece of music at a meeting with a group of young people several months ago. I was asked to talk to them about a song that is important to me.

I realised that, even though in the past I used to listen to music all the time, since my daughter was born all I seemed to listen to was ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and ‘incy wincy spider’. So when I tried to pick a song to talk about to this group of people I was mainly looking for songs that meant something to me in the past.

I then remembered this piece of music that is very relevant to me at this stage of my life. The only problem was that it was in Dutch, my mother tongue, and I surely couldn’t let a group of English people listen to this, could I? Or maybe I could?

I have been playing this song many times over the last two years. Mainly at nights when my daughter couldn’t sleep and I was frustratingly trying to get her to sleep.

Being a new mum had turned my life around and time to do anything for myself became very limited. And that included time for reflection, meditation and prayer.

But then there came a point when I realised that breastfeeding my baby, sitting next to her bed trying to calm her, caring for her, was also a form of meditation, something in which I could pray and find purpose in just being.

So I started listening to this particular song (on repeat) in my daughter’s bedroom. Everything else was put on hold. In the past I was able to plan time for prayer, meditation and reflection, while now I had no idea how long I would spend with my daughter and when she would finally find rest and sleep.

I am sorry you can’t exactly understand what is sung, but I think the music does speak for itself. It is a prayer to God to give us peace while we are in a quiet place. Because when we are in a quiet place we are not necessarily at peace with ourselves. Will you listen with me?


Give us your peace, in this quiet place.
Bring rest to our restlessness.

Give us your joy, in this quiet place.
Bring rest to our restlessness.

Give us your blessing, in this quiet place.
Bring rest to our restlessness.

What helps you to be at peace with yourself, others and God?
Are there any real life situations, like breastfeeding or putting your child to sleep, that you use to pray and reflect?


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