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Our Adventure Abroad

FerryCatching Up with Some of the Family

We’ve just spent a lovely ten days back home in the Netherlands. We travelled as a family by car (from Dover, crossing on the ferry, driving through France and Belgium all the way to the Netherlands).

Little Lady loved the ferry! DFDS Seaways have a nice area for children to play. She met two Dutch girls dressed up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen. It was a bit strange for her to realise these children didn’t speak English like all her other friends, but she soon knew to switch to Dutch. She also met a little girl from France, who like her could speak several languages.

As we crossed around 11:00, we were disappointed to find out no lunch would be served. One of the waitresses was very kind and brought us two portions of chips to keep us going. I was really touched by her kindness.

The crossing took just over two hours. Once arrived in France, we decided to drive as far as we could in one go, so the kids could have a nap. Our first stop was just on the other side of the Dutch border, near Breda. Of course, I couldn’t resist eating Dutch Apple Pie and drinking some Dark Hot Chocolate!

Lately, little man has been very distracted while breastfeeding, so it was a bit tricky to get him to feed properly while on the move. I knew I would probably have to make up for this during the night and that’s exactly what happened.

We arrived at my parents around 19:00 Dutch time (they are one hour ahead), so the whole journey took us just over 10 hours.

I am hoping to write a bit more about our adventure in the next posts!


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