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Trying To Find My Voice

On Presenting the Truth

I started blogging with so much enthusiasm, but a few weeks later I just wasn’t so sure what I wanted to write about. I had been following some other mum bloggers and was trying to fit my writing in this category. But very soon I got bored of trying to write reviews and share about the ordinary life of a mum.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the ordinary stuff is very important, but I realised that I can’t really find the energy to write about things unless there is a deeper meaning to share or lesson to learn. In other words, I need to be inspired, something needs to be stirred within me and give me the energy and enthusiasm to write and share with others.

In order to be inspired and to be stirred I need to search hard and work actively. It means I push myself to read books, watch inspiring programmes, meet other people. I need to engage with others and be open to be inspired. This is not always easy when you are busy looking after two little people. But at the same time, I so much need and want to be inspired. It gives me energy and joy.

So these last two days I had plenty of opportunities to be inspired. My husband offered to look after the kids full time and gave me some space to myself . I spent a whole morning working on a talk I am giving at a women’s conference in a few weeks time. I struggled a lot to get into this. It really helped me to go to a quite space, the office in church, and just start reading bits in different books and study Bibles and watch a couple of sermons online.

Today I attended a day organised by the Gathering of Women’s Leaders. I was especially encouraged by a talk given by Ruth Dearnley, the CEO of Stop the Traffik. What an inspiring woman. One of the things she spoke about was the importance of presenting the truth – bring reality and not fantasy. She said: “You will always lead out of who you are and the minute you start trying to be someone else, people will see it.”

So that’s where I am with my writing. I am sort of trying to find my voice, to find a way of being real in my writing, to bring reality and not fantasy. This might mean that the bits I post will not be as smooth or finished as I would like them to be. But for those of you who are willing to join me on this journey, you are very welcome!




2 thoughts on “Trying To Find My Voice”

  1. Lieve Mir,
    Thank you so much for your story!
    It gives also me a lot of energy and the possibility to think things through!


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