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One Step at a Time

So we are moving.


This Summer, I am celebrating my 10th year in Britain. I first came to Durham and after that lived in Canterbury, London, Staplehurst and Gravesend. In a few weeks time, it is time to start packing and say our goodbyes again.

I don’t think it ever gets any easier. The future is full of uncertainties. I am struggling to deal with questions of those showing an interest in our move. Where are you going to be? How is it going to work with the children? Have you found any schools? Will you be able to keep your job? Can your parents still come and see you?

Close friends keep reminding me that I have done this before and I have become so much more resilient in the process. They tell me I am not leaving them, I am just moving on and they will continue to be part of my life. I am so grateful for them and their encouraging words.

In all of this, I can only hold on to that which moves us forward. Him who moves us forward. Because there is this call, this conviction inside… Looking at it from a human perspective, it doesn’t seem to make much sense at all. But looking at it from a Godly perspective, we can only listen to what we know is there. And just take one step at a time.


5 thoughts on “One Step at a Time”

  1. Mooi om te lezen lieve mir. Praktisch en emotioneel liggen er roerige tijden voor jullie, maar je ankerpunt blijven de dingen die niet veranderen. Ik vind jullie dapper, en voel me bevoorrecht jullie mee te maken, zij het op afstand. Liefs! Els

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  2. Goed dat je je gevoelens opgeschreven hebt, zus! Succes en sterkte in deze spannende tijd! Ik bid voor jullie! X AN


  3. Hi Mirjam I really love this post and love that although there is the struggle in the natural that God is ultimately your goal and your focus. Moving towards God and all that He is moving us into is the best adventure and brings the most fun. I applaud you and pray abundant blessings on you and yours as you work out this next stage of walking with Papa. Kate x


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