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“What Do You Think She Is?”

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were asked to come to our daughter’s school to share something about our different cultures with the 120 children in reception. Now we both have quite a bit of public speaking experience, but standing in front of so many four and five-year-olds was a rather new experience (at least for me)!

My favourite bit was when we asked our daughter to come forward and put four different flags around her. The Dutch, Belgian, British and Congolese. We asked the children: “So what do you think she is?”

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Cross-cultural Upbringing, Family & Lifestyle

Our Adventure Abroad

FerryCatching Up with Some of the Family

We’ve just spent a lovely ten days back home in the Netherlands. We travelled as a family by car (from Dover, crossing on the ferry, driving through France and Belgium all the way to the Netherlands).

Little Lady loved the ferry! DFDS Seaways have a nice area for children to play. She met two Dutch girls dressed up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Continue reading “Our Adventure Abroad”

Cross-cultural Upbringing, Family & Lifestyle

Black Girls Need Role Models Too


The first time I started thinking about the importance of role models for black girls, was before I had children myself. I was at work (Salmon Youth Centre) doing art with a group of 6-year old girls.

The kids were busy drawing pictures of themselves. I noticed that one of the black girls was portraying herself as a white girl, with blue eyes and blond hair.

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Cross-cultural Upbringing, Family & Lifestyle

Thank God for Technology


Living far away from family is not always easy, especially once you have children.

Luckily, Belgium and the Netherlands are not at the other end of the world. We can get ‘home’ quicker than some of my friends whose family lives at the other side of England. 

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