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An Adventurous Swim

great-london-swim-dome_640x240SWIMMING 1 Mile in the HEART OF LONDON

I can’t believe what I have just done. I have signed up for the Great London Swim! This is to complete challenge 3 of my bucket list: swim a competitive race (at least 1 mile). On the 18th July I will take a plunge in the shadow of the O2 Arena and Canary Wharf, then swim alongside the ExCel centre. This is a 1 mile swim (1.6 km) in the open water.

Of course I find it a bit scary. I have never done anything like this before and have no idea how things will turn out; if I will be able to achieve this challenge and just generally how it will all work out on the day. In a way that is what I love about doing this. This quote says it all:


Now I am looking for anyone who would like to join me to do this 1 mile swim! Maybe you are also looking for a way to get fit and like the idea of joining this adventure? Please let me know. I am not a very sporty person at all, but love the idea of this challenge and have started training this week. 1 mile is about 70 laps in our 25 metre pool. I am building it up slowly, so am just trying to get as far as I can within the hour. My aim is to train twice a week.

Joining this race has completely changed my view on swimming. I always struggled to swim laps as I would find it quite boring and without purpose. Now I have got a goal to work towards, it really gives me energy to do a proper training. And yes, I have been hurting all week, but it is good to know this is related to me being active!

I am also looking to raise some money to help others while doing this, but haven’t decided on a charity yet.

If you are not able to take on this challenge, but are free to come and support me, I would love to see you there on 18th July, 11am!


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